Body Vibes


What are the benefits of wearing Body Vibes?

Body Vibes target energetic deficiencies and restore balance throughout the body and mind.  Each frequency is programmed for a specific purpose, addressing concerns such as lack of energy, sleep deprivation, depression, and anxiety, just to name a few. For more information on each vibe, we invite you to review our gallery here.

Can I shower and exercise with Body Vibes?
Yes! Body Vibes are waterproof.

How many Vibes can I wear at once?
We recommend starting with 1 or 2 for sensitive people. Wearing more than 4 may cause some dilution of the individual frequencies.

If I remove it or if it peels off, can I re-apply it?
Body Vibes will lose most of its adhesive properties if removed. If you want to utilize the frequency’s full three days, a sticker can be re-applied with a small amount of medical tape (although it won’t be as cute!)

Is it possible to have an allergic reaction?
Body Vibes contain NO chemicals, therefore an allergic reaction is highly unlikely. We use the only FDA approved adhesive for skin use – the same material used in Band Aids.

Where do I wear Body Vibes?
Research has shown that energy enters the body on the left and exits on the right. For optimal results: Place stickers on the left side at (or above) heart level (e.g. upper left arm, chest, left shoulder, upper back) and drink plenty of water as it helps conduct energy.

**Please note the PAIN sticker should be placed at the source of your pain.**


For regular use, it is important to place the new sticker at least 1″ away  from original placement. Stickers worn in the exact spot every time may cause some redness or irritation, as the skin lacks for oxygen. Any irritation or redness usually resolves within 24-48 hours of sticker removal. A small amount of OTC Cortisone cream can expedite this if necessary.

What are Body Vibes made from?

Body Vibes are made out of a carbon-based, radio frequency material originally developed forNASA as one of the inter-liner of early spacesuits.

What activates Body Vibes and why do they wear out?
Our bodies constantly absorb energy from the sun, water, electronics, and even other people. Your body absorbs the energy programmed into the sticker; typically this process lasts about 3 days.


The majority of people will enjoy positive benefits from wearing Body Vibes, sometimes within minutes. However if a body is decidedly unbalanced, some minor side effects may occur but are temporary while the body restores balance.

What are the possible side effects?Similar to how we experience a cleanse, the body may feel a little bit out of sorts as it begins to detox. However, Body Vibes is chemical free and any physical symptoms are much less noticeable than with other methods of detoxification. Any discomfort can be easily mitigated by removing the smart sticker.  As energy begins to flow, there may be a temporary adjustment period where one could feel jittery, tired, sad, or a little “off”. This is the body harmonizing itself and is temporary.Why am I feeling this way?Life can be overwhelming. Sometimes it’s easier to compartmentalize, locking away strong emotions to move forward. The stickers target blocked energy. That can bring feelings up – and out.

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