How To Vibe

Body Vibes should be worn to the left side of the heart or above it. Key placements are: left shoulder, upper back, upper left arm and chest.

Sensitive types are encouraged to wear lower on the left arm, below the heart, or inside forearm.

Body Vibes_5.png

Try Cocktailing

Multiple Vibes can be worn together. Sensitive types should begin slowly with no more than two at a time.

Try Mood Boost, Mental Focus or Energy with Chill, At The Beach, or Anti-Anxiety to balance the effects.


Optimize Your Vibes

Drink water. Stay well hydrated. Water is a major conductor of electricity.

Get wet. This product is waterproof. Can be worn in the shower or while exercising.

Vibes for days. Each Body Vibes smart sticker remains effective for up to 72 hours.

Take note. Prescription drugs, computers, and cell phones may weaken the smart sticker.


Explore Body Vibes


Self Love

For courage, healing, and self-confidence. Empower Yourself!

Mood Boost

Promotes a positive outlook and balances mood swings. Be happy!

Pain Relief

To relieve pain, place on area of discomfort. Feel better!


Alleviates stress, nervousness and anxiety. Take a time out! 

Unicorn Skin

Increases cell turnover and reduces inflammation. Be beautiful!


Busy? Give yourself a lift and a positive attitude. Get pumped!


Promotes relaxation, peace, coping skills, and positive thinking. Peace out!

Mental Focus

Stimulates productivity. Aids in mental clarity, hormone balancing and mood uplifting. Go get it!

Power Workout

Increases strength and endurance. Reduces lactic acid and repairs muscle tissue. Get motivated!

Beauty Sleep

Releases natural melatorin. Resets sleep cycle and improves quality of sleep. Sweet dreams!


Prompts the body to release glutathione which detoxifies alcohol from the body and disarms your hangover. Cheers!

At The Beach

Negative ion therapy has healing and restorative effect on the body. Balances emotions and inspires joy. Be balanced!


Detoxification frequencies help with reducing toxic substances in the body. Clean living!


Bio-frequencies stabilize negative ions, balances pH, hydrates and aids absorption. Feel refreshed!