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Body Vibes are smart stickers embedded with a specific combination of bio-frequencies designed to enhance and activate particular targeted systems. It's like wearing mobile software that communicates with our body's operating system.

Performance Driven

The fascinating science behind bio-frequency technology was developed by our partner, AlphaBioCentrix, a global leader in the research, development and manufacture of energy-enhancing products. Inspired by frequency research conducted one of the largest U.S. defense contractors, AlphaBioCentrix pioneered Bio-Energy Synthesis Technology (BEST), a process using a one-of-a-kind device, the accelerator frequency generator (AFD). The AFD captures bio-frequencies from a comprehensive catalog of known frequencies that are then digitally transferred to Body Vibes.

Naturally Change the Way You Feel

Body Vibes emit a bio-frequency. Each body vibe is programmed with a specific sub-harmonic frequency to target a particular lifestyle concern. Use Body Vibes smart stickers to optimize brain and body function, and increase the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Since everyone is unique, effects of Body Vibes may vary. Some people experience immediate benefits, while others realize the results over time. We recommend wearing Body Vibes for at least one month to experience a complete mind-body reset.