Everything has frequency.


VIBE: Mental Focus

VIBE: Mental Focus

The color blue is blue, because it has the specific frequency that makes it blue. We are able to hear sounds because our bodies have the ability to translate frequencies into sounds that make sense to us. It's the same way we form visual images. Our bodies are natural energy sources; we absorb and generate energy.


All of our bodies operate at an optimal internal frequency - a sweet spot in the neighborhood of 62-72Hz. Studies have shown that when your frequency slips, your immune system is compromised, which opens the door to getting sick. In fact, scientists have discovered a frequency for virtually every known illness. Can't shake that cold or flu? You're down in the 57-60Hz range, a danger zone where you're also more vulnerable to disease.


Body Vibes work by targeting the Central Nervous System, a hub of energy powered by a network of electrical signals that vibrate along our nerves. It controls everything we do, including our responses to pleasure and pain. The bio-frequencies programmed into Body Vibes mimic the same frequencies that are already found in our body. For this reason, they are able to travel across our electrical pathways, replenishing any deficiencies and raising our vibration to the perfect frequency. We recommend wearing Body Vibes daily for at least one month to experience a positive energy shift that sparks the body's amazing ability to heal from within. 

“The universe doesn’t speak English, Chinese, or Spanish; it speaks frequencies.”